Virginia Living Museum

“Newport News is home to an aquarium, zoo, wildlife refuge, and planetarium all in one! The Virginia Living Museum houses dozens of native Virginian animals on their path to rehabilitation, and you can learn all about them while walking their mile and half long outdoor trail and boardwalk. I’ve worked at the VLM for two years, and no other museum in Newport News offers the immersive, natural experience that the VLM does. Take a chance on nature, knowledge, and the preservation of them both and visit the Virginia Living Museum!” – Marina Organt ’23

Downing-Gross Cultural Center

“Learning more about the community I live in and now am a part of is important for growth. The Downing-Gross Cultural Center provides some of the best community talent, such as artist, dancers, and performers, and is home to the largest singular collection of African-American Folk art.” – Sergio Oliva Romero ’24


Victory Arch

“Down near the Shipyard area of Newport News is the famous Victory Arch. War veterans from both world wars and the Vietnam conflict were welcomed in Newport News with parades around the arch, and the only time the arch was closed down was to install the eternal flame right in front of the monument. This is a great place to embrace the history of the courageous soldiers fighting to keep our country safe.” – Michael Bush ’22

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