The Noland Trail

“I love spending my evenings hiking the Noland Trail. Being out in nature is really important to me, so having the trail right next to campus means I can spend more time outside enjoying the natural beauty of Newport News. The city has dozens of parks and natural areas to explore after the Noland Trail, but this is definitely a must-see!” – Marina Organt ’23

Newport News Park

“I love the endless options of activities I can do at Newport News Park. I could grab some friends and have a bbq and go paddle boarding afterwards. We could even just walk around and enjoy the nature views of the park. Visiting Newport News Park has been a highlight of my stay in Newport News.” – Sergio Oliva Romero ’24

Riverview Farm Park

“With many facets and amenities, Riverview Farm Park is an amazing place to go for an all-inclusive park experience. This area is also quite family friendly with a playground for children and open field to even let the dogs exert some energy, too! There is a walking trail surrounding the park along with many areas to picnic and grill while not being far from the James River as well. Alongside all of that, it is even inclusive for sports lovers with a soccer field, basketball courts, and even a skate park as well. This place has got it all!” – Michael Bush ’22


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