Community Development Service Track

Support and expand the capacity of a local agency to accomplish its community support mission, whether through disaster relief, military family services, or blood drives through the American Red Cross. 

CNU Courses

ANTH203 – Cultural Anthropology

ANTH365 – Case Study in Culture

CLST212 – Roman Culture

COM222 – Media, Culture, & Technology

COMM340 – Intercultural Communication

ENGL308WI – Literature, Theory, & Culture

ENGL345 – African-American Lit & Culture

LDSP330 – Cross-Cultural Leadership

MKTG499 – IND ST: Cancel Culture in VGI

SOCL314/L – Education, Culture, & Society

SOCL501 – Multicultural Diversity & Education

ARTS – Theater, FNAR, etc. (too many to list)

BASN130 – Applied Music: Bassoon

BASS133 – Applied Music: Bass

CELL131 – Applied Music: Cello

CELL133 – Applied Music: Cello

ENGL395: SPC TP: Modern Irish Literature

LDSP395 – SPC TP: Globalization & Leadership

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