Environment & Animals Service Track

Serve directly with relevant organizations to bring awareness, support, and societal change to issues facing our environment and the animal population. 



National Audubon Society: African Wildlife

Paving Paradise

Reef Life

Polar Obsession

A Place Between the Tides



The Biggest Little Farm

This Mountain Life

The Loneliest Whale: The Search for 52

Pick of the Litter

And We Go Green

A Beautiful Planet


The Cat Rescuers

Destiny in Space

The Dream is Alive IMAX

Eating Animals


Horses: The Story of Equus IMAX

Into the Deep

Journey to the South Pacific

Just Eat It: A Food Waste Story

CNU Courses

BIOL 418 – Animal Behavior

BIOL 115 – Topics in Ecology & Environment

BIOL 306/L – Environmental Conservation

BIOL 370 – Macroevolution

BIOL 403 – Marine Biology

BIOL 407/L – General Ecology 

BIOL 445/L – Mammalogy

BIOL 457/L – Entomology 

BIOL 465/L – Fish Biology 

PSYC 415/L – Comparative Psychology

PHIL 376 – Environmental Ethics

LDSP 250 – Environmental Leadership

HIST 342 – American Environmental History

GEOG 210 – Geology of Human-Environment Interaction

ENVS 532/L – Wetlands Ecology

ENVS 545/L – Mammalogy

ECON 203 – Environmental Economic Literacy

POLS 391 – International Environmental Politics

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