If you have a question that is not addressed here, please contact the Center for Community Engagement at or 757-594-7233

What are the ways that I can serve or continue to serve my community during this time?

There are three ways that you can participate in community engagement during this time: In-Person Service, Remote Local Service, and/or Additional Remote Service.

  • In-Person Service: Many of our Community Partners are open to in-person volunteers. For all in-person service, student volunteers must adhere to the organization’s Covid-19 protocols.
  • Remote Local Service: Explore the full list of CNU Community Partners and reach out to any of interest to learn about additional opportunities, search for remote volunteer opportunities in the Opportunities database, or connect with a CNU Service Club.

  • Additional Remote Service: If you are unable to find local remote service, explore virtual opportunities supporting other state and national nonprofits. If you have served with nonprofits at home, abroad, or elsewhere in the U.S., explore remote options with them. You will have the option to add them as a Service Site when you log service hours in your CNU Engage account.

What safety measures are in place for students doing in-person service with our Community Partners?

Students are responsible for providing and properly wearing their own masks and sanitizing hands before going on site. Community partners are responsible for following CDC safety guidelines. Students should immediately report any issues, failure of site personnel to follow safety protocols, and/or knowledge of positive cases at their site to Vanessa Buehlman, Center Director, at 757-594-7492.

Other people at my site are not following proper safety measures (i.e., wearing masks, socially distancing). What should I do?

If staff, clients and/or other volunteers are not following safety protocols, or you feel uncomfortable for any reason, leave the site and contact the Director of the Center for Community Engagement at 757-594-7492.