Students may complete community engagement training and enrichment (T&E) activities to supplement hours. Developed by the Center for Community Engagement, these activities inform and support community work by looking at a variety of issues and subject areas.


  1. T&E activities are provided below to supplement your community work. (NOTE: If you are able to do remote service, please focus on that before using these supplemental resources)
  2. Time spent on these activities may be used as Service Distinction hours for this semester.
  3. Each activity has a related assignment. Submit assignments by email or share in Google Drive to CCE staff ( or for hours approval.
  4. Log hours in your CNU Engage account: Go to “Add Service Site” > choose the “Community Development” or “All Community Partner Service Sites” option > choose “CCE – Remote Work” > Submit
  5. For each activity including a video, movie, webinar or class include the amount of time spent watching plus the indicated amount of time awarded for completing the assignment.
  6. Contact CCE staff (email provided above or call 757-594-7233) for assistance.

View Remote Training & Enrichment Opportunities HERE


Below are a wide range of other remote options. Subscribe to the CNU Engage newsletter and/or check back often for updated sites.

Whether working in your local community, meeting an immediate need by donating blood, or volunteering online – make sure to log your hours in your CNU Engage account.

VolunteerMatch has launched a new website designed to make election-related volunteering more accessible. There are also resources designed to inspire and encourage other forms of civic volunteer engagement—free virtual volunteering content and tools specially designed to help businesses, nonprofit organizations, and individual volunteers succeed in a volunteering environment that has become increasingly virtual due to the ongoing pandemic. Click HERE for more information.