Adriana Myles

Graduation Year – May 2027

Hometown – Newport News, VA

What is your major? If undecided, what field(s) are you considering? – Business Marketing and Management

What are your career and educational goals? – Business owner/Entrepreneur

What are you most looking forward to about coming to CNU? – Being involved in the student and academic life

Please list the top three service areas or populations you are interested in working with as a Bonner. – Arts & Culture, Hunger & Housing, and Youth Development & Education

What are you most looking forward to about being a Bonner? – Giving back to the community that has shaped me.

What past service experience has impacted you the most? – Volunteering at Boys and Girls Clubs across Hampton Roads.

What are your hobbies and/or interests outside of academics and Bonner? – Baking, pageants, business.

List your favorite book, movie, musician/band, food, and/or quote. – “Be the change you want to see in this world” – Gandhi; Favorite movie is Rush Hour

If you were a comfort food, what would you be? – Chicken Tenders and Fries. Will never let you down.

Share a little known fact about yourself. – Trader Joe’s shopping is my guilty pleasure