Kelsey Fore


Graduation Year – May 2028

Hometown – Amherst, VA

What is your major? If undecided, what field(s) are you considering? – Biology with a minor in Leadership Studies

What are your career and educational goals? – After my undergraduate studies in biology, I plan to pursue a Master’s in Physician Assistant Medicine and join the American Academy of Physician Assistants to engage in advocacy efforts and raise awareness about the role of PAs. Beyond my professional career, I aim to be involved in philanthropic endeavors, advocating for healthcare access, promoting health education, and supporting medical research to inspire a more equitable and compassionate society.

What are you most looking forward to about coming to CNU? – I am most looking forward to joining the community at CNU and connecting with its diverse and dynamic people. I am very excited about immersing myself in all that CNU has to offer, from academic opportunities to extracurricular activities and community service initiatives. Being part of this supportive and inspiring environment will undoubtedly enrich my college experience and help me grow both personally and academically.

Please list the top three service areas or populations you are interested in working with as a Bonner. – Health Related, Hunger & Housing, and Youth Development & Education

What are you most looking forward to about being a Bonner? – Throughout high school, I’ve dedicated myself to making a substantial impact, viewing service as a genuine connection with people from diverse backgrounds. Growing up in a small town has shown me the significance of close-knit communities and valuing people and their unique stories. I am most looking forward to deepening my commitment in building lasting community relationships and contributing significantly to positive change through service, research, and action at CNU. Most importantly, I am looking forward to being intentional with my service, ensuring that every action I take is meaningful and impactful.

What past service experience has impacted you the most? – My significant service experience revolves around my membership with the Youth Philanthropy Council of the Greater Lynchburg Foundation. This role has taken me beyond the walls of my school, allowing me to collaborate with other high school seniors and professionals in the greater Lynchburg community. We were able to connect with individuals who are living the purpose of their organization day in and day out. Meeting these people, hearing their stories first-hand, and even crying with them… these experiences are not ones that you walk away from and forget about easily. Through Kids Haven, a non-profit providing a secure haven for children in crisis, and Roads to Recovery, a nonprofit offering hope, inspiration, and direction for prevention and treatment programs, our council has made a meaningful impact on numerous lives.

What are your hobbies and/or interests outside of academics and Bonner? – I sing/play piano, I love painting, I am always down for trying new restaurants/ coffee places, Amazon is my BFF, and I love trips with friends.

List your favorite book, movie, musician/band, food, and/or quote. – Book: The Glass Castle; Movie: Princess Diaries; Musician/Band: Depending on the vibes: Hozier, Zach Bryan, and Taylor Swift; Food: Buffalo chicken dip; Quote: “You will never be in this moment, in this exact place, with these exact people ever again, so make the most of it”- ACHS Choral Director, Melanie Coleman

What is a fun fact you want to share about yourself? – I went through a “shark phase” (I know right) and I used to track sharks on the DAILY with the OCEARCH Shark Tracker App.