Cornerstone Experiences

First-Year Pilgrimage

Over Fall Break, first-year Bonners embark on a four-day pilgrimage through U.S. cities meeting with community leaders and learning about social justice and community development efforts. This time as a group fosters a deep sense of connectedness and sets the tone for your four-year journey together.

Second-Year Bonner Exchange

Virginia Bonner second-years gather to experience the larger scope of the national Bonner network. You will learn about each other’s work, deepen your understanding of issues, and broaden your network of like-minded students dedicated to community engagement work.


Junior Journey Abroad

Over Spring Break, third-year Bonners travel abroad for a weeklong international service and cultural experience. As one of the Bonner Common Commitments, international perspective is important for Bonners to: understand the broader world, engage with new people and cultures, gain valuable context for the work they do in the local community, explore social justice and community development on a global scale, and support community identified needs. Past destinations include Ecuador and Puerto Rico.

Fourth-Year Capstone Project and Presentation of Learning

Fourth-year Bonners will work throughout the year creating a capstone project relevant to the site and/or the population they have served, and reflective of their four years of work and impact on the local community. This may be research, a policy recommendation paper, a social-action initiative or a capacity-building project for your site. They will present a synopsis of their work at the year-end celebration and presentations of learning.